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Wild bird feeding

Enjoy an up close and personal encounter with the local Australian King Parrots and the Crimson Rosellas.


Visit the General Store to purchase a feed tray specially made for these birds. (Please note that feeding the birds with other food is strictly prohibited.)

Walking tracks

There are a variety of walks on offer in our majestic Bunya Mountains National Park.

The shortest walk is a 500m stroll, while the longest circuit is 10km. An all-day is to walk from Dandabah to Mt Kiangarow along the spectacular walking tracks. Return by track or road (the road is shorter).

All the National Park walking tracks pass through diverse vegetation which can include dense rainforest to balds to forested areas. The views and waterfalls are amazing! 

Trail Maps are available from the General Store, the National Parks Office or download a copy here.

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