Bunya Mountains National Park Walking Tracks

To assist with the what you would like to experience and how far you wish to walk, we have outlined the various walks on offer in our majestic Bunya Mountains National Park. The shortest walk is a 500m stroll, while the longest circuit is 10km. An all-day (approx 10km) is to walk from Dandabah to Mt Kiangarow along the spectacular walking tracks. Return by track or road (the road is shorter).

All the National Park walking tracks pass through diverse vegetation which can include dense rainforest to balds to forested areas. The views and waterfalls are amazing! (NOTE: all times listed are approximate to provide an indicative guide)

For more information please visit www.nprsr.qld.gov.au

Russell Park Walking Tracks

Russell Park Walking Tracks

Carbines Chute 2km | 1 hour
A fairly easy walk. This takes you from the back of the camping area at Dandabah over the swamp and Saddletree Creek to the picnic area. Many of the trees are named and the satin bowerbird is a must-see.

Picnic Area to Chute No.3 3.4km | 1.5–2 hours
This is the most popular track as it takes in Festoon Falls, Pine Gorge Lookout (with its grass trees along the ridge, plus breathtaking valley views to the north and east), Tim Shea Falls and numerous rocky pools. This is an easy walk with interpretive signs. The rainforest is just beautiful! An added bonus is walking through the stangular fig.

Fishers Lookout to Cunjevoi Falls 4.2km return | 1.5–2 hours
Access to this track is via Dandabah or Paradise Falls carpark. Enjoy Paradise Falls, Little Falls, and the Big Falls 122m drop (most spectacular after heavy rain) before it links in with the 4km Scenic Circuit. Choose to add an extra 1.5km (750m each way) to take in Big Falls Lookout and Barker’s Creek Gorge of the valley and plains below. For an extra 1km, choose the alternate Pine Gorge Lookout and Festoon Falls route instead of the shorter Tim Shea Falls leg of the 4km Scenic Circuit.

Picnic Area to Fishers Lookout Circuit Track Total 4.2km | 2-3 hours 3.4km walk and 720m return by road
Cut out the 4km Scenic Circuit leg to enjoy Paradise Falls, Little Falls, Big Falls (and the bald areas around Big Falls) to culminate in the Big Falls and Barker’s Creek Lookouts.

Picnic Area to Chute No.3 and Fishers Lookout Circuit Total 6.4km | 3-4 hours
Choose whether to start or finish at Dandabah or Westcott Camping area. The track follows part of the cliff line on the mountain’ western side, taking in the spectacular views over the Darling Downs. Enjoy the mountains’ diverse vegetation types from rainforest to bald to open eucalypt forest with a grasstree under-storey.

Wild Bird Feeding

Enjoy an up close and personal encounter with the local Australian King Parrots and the Crimson Rosellas during one of our four-daily feeding sessions.

Wild bird feeding began at this location in the 1970’s, when Joe Walker (who built the kiosk), offered feed to the parrots to keep them out of his veggie patch.  Like many others since he enjoyed the opportunity to interact with the Australian King Parrots and the Crimson Rosellas.

The Bunyas is fortunate to be granted a licensed interaction plan so our visitors can get up close & personal to these wild & beautiful birds.

Birds have an important job to do for the forest.  By eating seeds from native plants and redistributing them, they help ensure its regeneration.  We are aiming to offer the birds a healthy snack without spoiling their appetite, so as not to interfere with their important ecological role.

Bookings are recommended as places are limited. Visit the General Store to book your spot and purchase a feed tray specially made for these birds. (Please note that feeding the birds with other food is strictly prohibited.)

Daily Feeding Sessions

  • 9.15am – 9.45am
  • 9.45am – 10.15am
  • 3.30pm – 4.00pm
  • 4.00pm – 4.30pm
  1. Bookings are recommended as places are limited.
    See us at The Store or call 4668 3131
  2. Duration is approx 30 mins
  3. Cost:  $5.00 per tray (one tray per person)
  4. Note: As these are wild birds no guarantee of bird numbers can be offered